About the work

“Heard or dreamed about” is a line from author Rudyard Kipling. He used it to describe his process of writing stories, many of which recounted his childhood experiences of growing up in British colonial India. Kipling mythologized the jungle landscape and exaggerated the naive savage characters as a child in his circumstances probably would have. Yet many of these stories were actually written through the lens of nostalgia while he lived in Brattleboro, Vermont--fictionalizing real experience and mixing memory with cultural attitudes.

My paintings conjure up dreamscapes, much like Kipling, interchanging diaristic and personal images with ubiquitous ones. Anonymous girls in poofy dresses, bountiful tables filled with earthly delights, vestiges of televised beauty contests, and the trauma of being born. The imagery used in my work serves as a reference to a collective psyche. The painted surfaces serve as a mediation, much like a filmic screen, a passage unto the external. A voyage through the underbellies of the American consciousness met with the moral quandaries that arise through forays of desire, seduction, violence and power. A perpetual state of warfare that has waged on, hidden by promises of candy-coated fairy tales and infinite bouts of pleasure. The emotional landscape which yearns for more and is never satisfied.

-Priya Nadkarni Green


About the artist

Priya Nadkarni Green has shown her work in both solo and group exhibitions at spaces such as the Kimmel Center Galleries at NYU, Jersey City Museum, Cuchifritos Gallery NYC, Zimmerli Art Museum, Concordia College, and the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. She is a recipient of the international Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant as well as a fellowship from the University of Massachusetts, and was a 2013 artist-in-residence at the Blue Mountain Center.  She received her MFA in Painting from University of Massachusetts Amherst and her BFA in Printmaking from Rutgers University. Priya is currently based in Springfield, MA where she lives and has her studio.